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The Strindberg family association was founded on January 22, 1949,
100 years after the birth of the Swedish author August Strindberg.

Membership can be obtained by descendants of Henrik Strinnberg
(Strindberg), 1708-1767, and his wife Elisabeth Maria Åkerfeldt, 1725-1781, from Sundsjö, Jämtland and their spouses/partners. Please contact our chairman Håkan Wasén for more information!

Please also visit the folder ‘Släkthistoria’ where you can search the family tree regarding deceased descendants born latest in 1880.

Descendants can also apply for membership at the group ‘Strindberg Family’ on

Summary of the present first page in english.

The Johan Ludvig  Strindberg family grave monument att Norra begravningsplatsen  is  saved. After several years of decay has the cast iron monument in shape of a pillar,  showing the Johan Ludvig grave ,been restored and is again standing upright. Johan Ludvig was the son of Zacharias Strindberg born in Sundsjö 1756.He moved to Stockholm as a child and ended his life as a merchant and freemason 1829. He also  got a Royal Order,i.e. Medal of the Royal Order of the Seraphim. He was the grandfather of the famous writer August Strindberg.

One of his two sons,the eldest Johan Ludvig, bought this  gravesite at the new cemetery ”Norra kyrkogården in Stockholm” in 1847. The cemetery was inagurated in 1827 and is the most famous one in Sweden.

The first one to be buried in the grave was probably Zacharias Strindbergs widow in 1847 and thereafter has 26 named persons and several babies been buried there. Johan Ludvig died in cholera 1854.

Here are  also the parents of August Strindberg, Carl Oskar and Eleonora Strindberg, resting.

The grave has a high cultural value as the pillar in castiron is one of the first representing the new ideals from the 1850:s.

At the beginning the grave was situated on a small artificial hill but the most of these hills at the cemetary were removed in the middle of the 20:th century to make it easier to cut the grass.

You can search the people buried at this cemetery by name at this adress on the Iternet.

Dont worry about the swedish.You can read this site in english.

Summary of the latest annual meeting

2014 annual meeting took place in Östervåla about 150 km north of Stockholm. Around 30 members had a really good dinner fish or elk  at the home of Per and Lena Enflo.(descendants of Zacharias Strindbergs  sister Dorothea Sophia.)

Per Enflo is a professor of mathematics and was from 1989 professor at the Kent State university in Ohio.  Since then, he has performed frequently in recitals and as a concerto soloist in United States and Europe. In the recent years, Enflo can be heard in a variety recitals and chamber music settings with Kent State University music faculty. Other performances include being a soloist in 13 different Mozart Piano Concerti with the Triune Festival Orchestra in Columbus, Ohio. Many of these performances, as well as recent solo piano recitals have been broadcasted on the WOSU Classics Network in Ohio. Now the family has moved back to Sweden and started the Enflo musical association in Östervåla.

He gave a nice concert with works associated with August Strindberg. Also a Andante Cantabile composed by Carl-Axel Strindberg. You can se and hear it by clicking ”enflos axel strindberg ”at the welcome” page.

Our new member Henric Tungström gave us the fascinating story of Zacarias Åkerfelt. He fought with the king Charles XII both in the battle of Narva(Russia) in 1700. He also survived the deathmarch the winter 1718-19 when the swedish army returned from Norway after that Charles XII was killed, or assinated, in battle of Fredrikshald. Half the army starved or froze to death when marching back over the mountains in northern Sweden.

Other news: We have opened a new tab ”Historikt”(history).We welcome interesteting storys and photos about Strindberg family members  abroad. Eric Strindberg was for example a well known architecht in New York in the early 20:th century. We would also like to get information about the operasinger Frank Ellmore, married to Maria Strindberg 1871.


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